No matter your motivation – philanthropy, grudge match, team building, health or just plain fun – the Global Kids-Arkansas Dodgeball Tournament is sure to be a smash hit with all involved. This is your opportunity to dare others competitors, associates, departments, neighbors) to a friendly game of dodgeball.

Here are some invitations you might want to use in creating your own challenge simply copy and paste (but feel free to customize as you see fit):



YOUR COMPANY / TEAM NAME challenges ________ to field a team for the upcoming jUSt (Just Us) Global Kids-AR Charity Dodgeball Tournament on Saturday, July 25th at Bishop Park gymnasium located 6401 Boone Rd., Bryant, AR. Proceeds benefit Global Kids-AR. More information can be found at:

We suspect a firm of your size will have no problem fielding at least one team, and hope we have the opportunity to take you on directly! We’ll see you on the court!



My team is participating in the 2nd Annual Global Kids-AR Charity Dodgeball Tournament. We want to win the competition… so naturally I thought of inviting you to form a team for the July 25th competition at Bishop Park gymnasium located 6401 Boone Rd., Bryant, AR. Registration is $200 for a team. This is going to be fun and it helps a great organization. Check out Get back with me and I will tell you all about it. Talk soon.



I just wanted you to know that I have registered our team for the 1st Annual Global Kids-AR Charity Dodgeball Tournament on July 25th competition at Bishop Park gymnasium located 6401 Boone Rd., Bryant, AR.

Now, we all know who’s going to win (my team). Everyone else is just playing for second place. It’d be cute, though, if you were able to scrounge up a ragtag group of your flunkies to give us something to practice with as we move up the ranks. And who knows? Maybe after we humiliate you, you can carry our equipment. You can find more information at the tournament website:

I can’t wait to see you get mopped up after your horrendous dodgeball performance. I hope you’re cool with embarrassment. Anyhoo, sign up loser (I mean, second fiddle).

Sincerely, The Only Team That Really Matters!