Quirky outfits & uniforms.  Creative team names.  Hyper-competitive individuals and teams.  Lots of laughs.  A ton of smiles.  Some people came to have a good time.  Some came just to watch.  Some came to win.  In the end, everyone came in the spirit of a united cause.  


On Saturday, June 7, the first annual Global Kids Arkansas Dodgeball Fundraiser was held in the Henderson Middle School gymnasium.  Twelve teams competed in a round-robin style tournament, with Team One Thumbs Up prevailing as the winner, and Team Impact coming in second place.  The event, promoted primarily through social media (#ItsNeverBeenJustAGame) and word-of-mouth, drew a turn out of 175 people.  In conjunction with a related HP raffle contest, close to $9,000 was raised in support of the Global Kids Arkansas initiative.  


Global Kids Arkansas would like to thank all teams, spectators, donors, and sponsors who participated in this event.  A special thank you goes out to the following:

It's always nice to see people come out and have good, clean fun.  It's beautiful when it's done for a cause.  Jokes were flying.  Laughs belted.  Smiles abounded.  Teams came out and competed hard.  Money and awareness was raised.  And it was all not in vain.  The money raised from this event will fund a program that will potentially change the worldview of a child.  That changed worldview will spark a mind.  That sparked mind will ignite a passion.  That ignited passion will fuel a cause.  That cause will potentially change a community, a city, a state, a nation, and, potentially, the world.  


For this reason... "It's never been just a game."