Program Structure, Potential Dates, & Location

The projected dates for 2018 Global Kids-Arkansas: Global Gateways Summer Institute will soon be announced. The majority of the program will be hosted at the Global Kids Headquarters in New York, NY.

The Global Kids Arkansas summer program will be a combination of classroom activities, presentations, guest speakers/lecturers, field trips, interactive learning, and hands-on projects. Students will examine global issues, make local connections, and create change through peer education, social action, digital media, and service-learning, while receiving intensive support from Global Kids staff.  Upon returning from the trip, students will then present a project portfolio, highlighting activities and lessons learned throughout the duration of the program. Below is an example of what a day in the Global Kids Summer Program will look like:

Foreign Policy and the Role of the United States in the World

9:00 – Breakfast

9:30 – Warm-up and In the News Headlines

10:00 – Screening: Inside the State Department – National Geographic

11:00 – Workshop & Discussion: How is U.S. foreign policy made? What are the nation’s interests? 

12:30 – Lunch

2:00 – Speaker: General Wesley Clark, Retired U.S. Army General, Former Presidential Candidate/Mary Mel French, former U.S. Chief of Protocol, U.S. Ambassador

3:00 – Workshop: The Role of the United States in Europe & China

4:00 – Closure